Review LAVA SMOKE disposable e-cigarette



I picked up one of these at that gas station for $15, the guy said it would be good for about 3 packs. So i smoked it and it alone for 2 days and killed it. No more nicotene juice. So idk how lon 500 puffs will last you but for me it was 2 days and i usually smoke a pack of Camel Filters in one day.

The taste is interesting. Its not bad, but some people might not dig it. Its not exactly like smoking a real square taste-wise. The vapor seems a bit sweet, with a TINY bit of cigar taste in there, but nothing gross and barely noticeable. It may have to  be an aquired taste for some, but i picked it right up no problemo.

The sensation, i find to be quite satisfying. Its as close to smoking without actually sucking cancer sticks. It feels very similar to smoking except that the “smoke” is a bit cooler(in temp.)  coming in. It provides a decent little hit in the back of your throat, fills your with a good feeling and exhales tasting a bit different, but fine for me, and i would imagine a LOT of people.
It looks good, designed to look  like the real thing but a wee bit larger, but its not really big at all its fine about the size of a “100” style cigarette in length and like a camel wide in thickness

The claims that it dosnt stink up you/ your clothes/car/house etc. seem to be true.

Now, the thing to understand is, this is not optimal for a stop-smoking crutch. Its for at the bar when you cant smoke because of some gay no smoking restriction. Because of the price, it would not make sense to use these for quitting smoking,  if you want an e-cig for that go online and get one that holds lots of juice aand is not a one-off throw away. LAVA apparently makes a rechargable, i do plan to buy it, but i have not tried it and so cannot report on its performance.

I have since bought my second one for smoking inside places im not supposed to. I recommend the product and give it 4 out of 6 chalupas.

Reviewed by: Jesse

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