Bob Marley’s Mellow Mood Drinks

I love this stuff.

Im addicted to the black tea version of this product. No not because ‘it gets you high’, but because it is a good summer drink (with summer around the corner) I also love tea and bob, and i love love LOVE the idea of an anti-energy drink. I cannot undertand why anyone would take that 5 hour energy and drink all those monster and shit. wtf?  nasty.

Now this stuff and products like it (drank, lazy cakes, etc) rely on the chemical melatonin which is a natural chemical that is realeased into your brain when your body senses the sun go down. They also use valarian root, and chamomile, among other things just to fool you into thinking its the herbs that make you sleepy. That said Valarian, and Chamomile ARE excellent herbs and should be kept around the house at all times if you have anxiety or are high strung, it really does help take the edge off a lot, without any chance of getting you ‘high’.

I have tried all three varieties i can find so i will go in order of best to worst.

#1 (BEST)

Black Tea – Peach/Raspberry and Passion Fruit – Hell of a flavor list but this is my favorite for sure. Awesome smooth not too powerful taste not too sweet, no caffiene (nor with any of them) Best tasting of them all by FAR.

#2 (GOOD)

Green  Tea- This flavor did not impress me so much, just kind of weak. Its like a watered down version of the lipton green iced tea that you can get at the gas station coolers. Not bad, and thirst quenching for sure.


BERRY –  This tastes like an energy drink only less chemica/herb/wierdshit taste to it but still kind of like an energy drink. The only advantage to this stuff is that it comes in small red-bull sized cans so you can down a bunch of them faster for more effect.


So thats what i think. I drink it every day and crave it when i dont have it which makes me wonder whats in it thats NOT on the label at all lol but no this stuff is awesome they have a fan for life in me.


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